We are looking for dedicated employees

Most of us primarily want to achieve one thing with our work: earn money. That goes without saying. Others wish to make a difference with their work. That is also self-evident.

But what if you had a job that combined both? What if you could join our firm, but also assume responsibility within a relatively short period of time?

All you need is the will to really achieve something, the ability to take criticism and the urge to act confidently and independently.

What you can expect from us:

1. Surpass yourself.

We will challenge you. Not after a few years, but right from the start. Your area of activities will be much more comprehensive than in most other advisory firms. The advantage: you will gain maximum experience in minimum time. And variety is guaranteed.

2. You may look forward to flat hierarchies.

Long corridors? Closed doors? Not at our place! There is no separation between the individual departments here. This allows for a great relationship between all colleagues and creates excellent prerequisites for quick and goal-oriented training on the job.

3. Challenge yourself.

There is nothing we cannot do. We see ourselves as a partnership of free-lancers. This implies that we do not spare our trainees. On the contrary: our new colleagues get the opportunity to assume full responsibility from day one.

To enable you to fulfil these high demands, we also offer extensive support in preparation for your professional exams.

4. Do your best and you will reap the rewards.

We know that the demands we place on you are very high. And we also know that you cannot live on praise alone. Therefore, we consider an above-average, performance-based remuneration a matter of course. We would love to talk to you in person to convince you of our offer. Please feel free to make an appointment at +49 40 - 37 69 01 - 0 or by

5. Feel at home while you work.

An office does not necessarily have to look like work. You may look forward to generously sized, well-lit rooms, a really good work climate and a young and committed team here at Counsel on Neuer Wall in central Hamburg.